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Welcome to Power of Prana

Our principle is that all deserve a fruitful life full of uplifting, self developing experiences and achievements. Therefor we aim to enable each the access to our activities, products and therapies, which are so important for the mental, physical and spiritual balance.


“A mind free from all disturbances is yoga.” Patanjali


It was the love for the sea, for the sun, for the hills and for my homeland that brought me back to spread the word and the philosophy of Yoga and of self-love.
It was the search of my purpose and of my calling that showed me the way to where I am now, in this space where I give the best of me and where I seek to help others who are in search of the best in themselves.
Yoga thought me that all the answers are within me, if I know what I am looking for and how to hear my inner master. This is my principle as a Yoga teacher, to bring the acknowledgement that the path, choices and answers are in the hearts of each one.

Beach Yoga
Outdoor Yoga
Lotus seat
Crow Pose
Yoga at the Studio
Yoga at the Studio

“Chanting is one of the most traditional and first Yoga practices. It helps to open the throat area and is a great way to learn some Sanskrit and the Yoga Sutra.” Patanjali

Dedicated to a Yogic life

Power of Prana was our first project to take shape  but we have other ideas and plans in mind that still need a lot or some tuning. Don't forget to drop by once in while to make sure you are not missing out on anything;)

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