Lara is a multi-style Yoga teacher 500h+, covering Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Yin Yoga, Pre-Natal and KAY (Kids Yoga), as is a Pilates, Body Pump and Functional Toning trainer. Lara takes care of your body and soul not only through the teachings of Yoga, but also as a Reiki Master, a Mudra Healer and a Human Development therapist. Lara loves to learn new things, to study new topics and on this adventure into self-knowledge she will be sharing her experiences with you.

She tells a little bit of her story:

It was 2004 when we first met, I was somewhat lost and I knew it…I wanted so much to find my path, something that made sense, in the end, I was so looking forward to understanding who I really was and to finding myself.

It came to me in quite a mysterious way, like if it would belong to me and would be waiting for me to reach out. This name had been sounding in my head for many years, but I never really knew what it was nor what it meant until I spoke this name out loud, and in a matter of days it came “knocking” at my door... one of the biggest loves of my life…Yoga! When I look back, I know that this was the moment my life changed, this was the moment where I really started to live, where my life’s journey kicked off through the encounters with myself and my mat.


It was 2005 when we decided to join our paths, like a couple that moves in for life, Yoga settled in my heart in a way, that I could never again imagine my life without it. So, I became a Yoga teacher.

This was 16 years ago and still this way of being and living keeps on charming me and teaching me some of the most precious lessons. One is never only the teacher, it is a continuous learning, studying, practicing, reaching out for the deepest depths of my Self, for only like this you can teach with knowledge and true heart.

There is nothing that warms my heart more than the smiles after the class, the lightness, the contentment, the simple joy of connecting with the moment, with the people, with the hearts. Still nowadays these moments keep on reminding me why I chose this path…or, why this path chose me! Life took me through many lifes, many countries, even many expressions of myself, but Yoga was to always remain a constant, no matter what.

This love for learning and for teaching, this love for being surrounded by warm hearted people was what kept me going. I, myself, went through a deep process of growth and personal development, one that sometimes arrived filled with blessings and sometimes filled with tears…and the process keeps on going. I like to share my stories and self-discoveries, the times I tripped or even fell, the times all the effort helped me climb the mountain of self-awareness with all those who are willing to listen and to learn that the real reward is in the process, not in the achievement itself. It is the trip that brings us closer to who we really are, that gets us to know ourselves in every circumstance.

16 years later I do not only occupy myself by spreading the wisdom of Yoga, but I also made my life’s goal to spread the words of love, joy, community and connectivity. All to help unleash the best, highest, purest version of ourselves. I hope one day we can meet there 😊

With all my heart…Lara