Daily tongue cleaning is a well-established practice in Eastern countries, but has been slower to catch on in the West. Still, tongue cleaning is an essential part of our mouth hygiene. This tongue cleaning is a very quick and easy process. Place your tongue cleaner at the back and middle of your tongue, taking care not to get too far back, the part with many important taste buds, and move the cleaner forward, gently removing a layer of debris. Rinse the debris off the tongue cleaner under running water, then gently scrape each side of the tongue. No need to scrape too hard. Repeat the process until you do not see any more coating, stop scraping and rinse your mouth with water. It is recommended to do this both morning and evening. If you feel some oral discomfort like dryness or a bad taste, often a tongue cleaning midday will help. This is a good practice especially if you had any significant stress, as tongue coating tends to increase during stress. Made of Copper

Tongue Scraper Copper

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